About Us

We enable you to spend your money how you want to. We review your credit, fix and repair it and then ensure you obtain the most efficient and cost effective funding for your requirements.

Credit Repair

Have your credit assessed for FREE and receive a personalized Credit Repair Action Plan that we can then implement on your behalf.

Credit Boost

We use advanced Industry Insider Strategies to further boost your credit rating and ensure you can receive the maximum available credit.


Access our advanced financing tools that provide you with the maximum credit all without penalizing your current FICO score.

“ENT Credit is absolutely committed to ensure our customers get the line of credit they deserve. We were tired of seeing people ripped off by big banks and credit agencies. Tired of the poor customer service. Tired of people being denied the money that they should really be entitled to. That’s why I started ENT Credit – to fix this. ”

Peter J. Burns III, Co-Founder ENT Credit

A Team of Experts Behind the Wheel

We’re not some Call Center in India or Outer Mongolia. We’re a US-based company that specializes in repairing your credit, boosting it and getting you the funding that you deserve.

We have a team of credit experts that look at each case individually. After all, every credit application is different. We then make recommendations to you, which you can choose to accept. You take the services that you choose and that are right for you. Don’t worry though, our credit managers are experts and will help you make the right choices for your situation.

What Our Customers Say

Instant Approval

“I filled out the application and was instantly approved. As an entrepreneur, startup funding has always been a challenge for me. I’ve never been approved for funding so quickly and easily before. Hats off for providing this awesome funding option.”

Chris M.

Credit Experts

“Integrity, Trustworthy, Expert and Passionate are just a few words that come to mind when describing my experience working with Darrell. When it comes to anything credit related Darrell has the know how and the resources to get things done. His ability to take complex situations and offer simple solutions is truly extraordinary. If you need anything to do with credit, you need to know Darrell!”

Robert G.

Love My Unsecured Credit

“I needed capital to start an internet business. My credit was less than stellar. Rather than tell me no like everyone else did, these guys worked with me to rehabilitate my credit. After my credit scores improved, I was put in to their unsecured credit line program and received $95,000. Thank you for the great experience.”

Paul M.

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