Credit Repair

We audit your credit, fix and repair it so you can get approved for the loans you really deserve.

No More Getting Turned Down For The Loans You Deserve

Whether you’re an individual, an entrepreneur or small business owner you likely have something on your credit history (which may not be your fault) that is holding you back. We can fix this and get you the money you deserve. We’re so confident that we’re the only ones in the industry that offer a 5 year guarantee!


We help individuals repair their credit and remove any blemishes.


We get it. We had to start somewhere too. Getting funding as an entrepreneur is almost a full time job. We can solve this.

Small Businesses

Need to fix your business credit and get funded. Don’t worry, we can help with this too.

Why Us?

It’s simple. Call other credit repair services and you’ll see for yourself. They’ll need you to perjure, falsify or otherwise compromise your integrity and dispute your credit reports.

We don’t do that!

We force the three bureaus (Experian, Trans-Union and Equifax) to comply with the law. We use proprietary methods to invoke Section 609 of the Fair Credit Reporting Act to restore your credit in 30 business days or less.

The best part; unlike the methods used by other credit repair services, the bureaus have to make these changes permanent – you won’t find the same issues re-appearing on your credit report in 6 months time.

FREE Credit Audit

We will provide you with a comprehensive FREE Credit Audit. After all, there’s no point in getting your credit fixed if we can’t show you where the issues are and the repairs that need to be made.

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Our experienced credit repair professionals will tailor an action plan specifically for you. Inside you'll find:

Your credit score overview and summary

Your credit scores and a derogatory summary

Analysis of ALL your accounts, derogatory items, public records and credit inquiries

Your credit utilization and recommendations

Our plan of action to fix and repair YOUR credit

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